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Trinity Lutheran School was founded in 1947 and is an integral part of the ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church of Hawthorne, California.  The purpose of Trinity Lutheran School is to provide children in Kindergarten through eighth grade with an exceptional education within a Christian environment.  With teachers, parents and staff working together, students are provided with a comprehensive educational program that develops their God-given talents and skills to the fullest and helps them reach their potential.  This Christ-centered education includes spiritual teaching, strong academics, and moral integrity in order to create caring, competent and responsible citizens. 

Trinity Lutheran School’s curriculum meets and exceeds the California State Standards for elementary and middle school education.  Every teacher possesses a clear credential from the state of California, and they continuously explore the best and current teaching techniques.  Graduates of Trinity score well above the national norm on standardized tests. 


●  Small class size

●  Individualized learning programs

●  Fully credentialed teachers

●  Full academic courses based on California State Standards

●  Christian faith instruction daily

●  State of the art technology in every classroom

●  Computer education in all grades

●  Foreign language instruction

●  Weekly chapel service

●  Physical Education in all grades

●  Hot lunch program


Before and After School Program (BASP)

●  Field trips at all grade levels

●  Special field trips for upper grades:

    ○  Grades 6 and 7 – Outdoor education camp

    ○  Grade 8 – East coast trip

●  Summer Kids Club (SKC)


Before School Program Hours 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
School Hours

Grades K-4
Grades 5-8

8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
(School dismisses at 2:00 p.m.
on Thursdays for all Grades)
After School Hours 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.


All students receive instruction in the core subjects:  Reading/Literature, Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science.  In addition students attend classes in Religion, Music, Physical Education, Health, and Art.  Text books and materials are chosen from those approved by the State of California Department of Education.  Computer-based instruction is evident throughout the curriculum.  Children become familiar with the proper use of computers, specifically the iPad and PC.  The Religion curriculum provides an overview of the Bible and teaches of the love and salvation found in Jesus Christ.  The principles of Christian faith are the foundation for all instruction.

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) provide a practical way to prepare children for the challenges of a constantly changing world – by learning step-by-step the real-world skills they need for career and college.  California must move forward now so that all children – no matter where they come from or where they live – receive a world-class education that’s consistent from school to school, and graduate ready to contribute to the future of our state and our country. California is putting these standards to work, using them as the foundation for remodeling our education system. The standards keep the best of what we have, but replace outdated ways of learning with a clear focus on the key knowledge and skills students need, and provide teachers the time to teach them well.

Like an orchestra learning a challenging new symphony, bringing these standards to life in our schools will take time and energy, and the costs must be managed over time. These standards provide every part of our education system the same sheet music – with the clear goals of career and college readiness for all. And we all have a part to play.

Preparing Students for Career and College

Goal – all students graduating from our public school system as life-long learners will have the skills and knowledge necessary to assume their positions in the 21st century global economy.

●  The new standards are designed to be relevant in the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills students need for success in both higher education and career.
●  Our communities will be stronger if students graduate with the skills and knowledge needed in today's job market.

Information source:  California Department of Education


Trinity Lutheran School has established School-Wide Expectations and Procedures for acceptable behavior in all areas of the school.  They include behavior guidelines for classrooms, walkways, restrooms, playground areas, lunch areas, assemblies, chapel and after school programs.  These expectations are explicitly taught, supervised and reinforced, and consequences for infractions are enforced.  Positive reinforcement strategies are integral to this discipline program.


Trinity Lutheran School does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of educational policies, admission policies, financial policies, employment practices, or other school administered programs.


Clothing needs to be appropriate for the school environment.  The basic uniform consists of blue or khaki pants or skirts with a blue or white collared shirt.  A Trinity Lutheran School logo shirt is to be worn on field trips and chapel days.  On “free-dress” days, clothing should reflect what is considered in good taste.  This means that it should be comfortable, neat and not offensive to others.  The administrator reserves the right to rule certain clothing as inappropriate, such as faddish style of hair, clothing, jewelry or makeup.


Trinity Lutheran School conducts computerized, individualized academic assessments of each student three to four times per year.  Resulting scores provide a highly accurate indication of a student's instructional level and progress.  These assessments provide teachers with the tools to identify the individual needs of their students and to tailor instruction accordingly.


A Before and After School Program is available on school days, holidays, and some days when school is not in session.  Please refer to the School Calendar for days when BASP is not available.  The program includes homework assistance, arts and crafts, games and other experiences. 

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