Why Is Luther Winking?

Martin Luther is not generally thought of as a "fun guy," but here he is, obviously up to something. What could it be? (I know, the suspense is palpable!)

The "Winking Luther" logo is from the acclaimed (seriously!) book, The Lutheran Handbook, published by Augsburg Fortress, which I would like to use for our next Church on Wednesday class ("COW"), set to begin on Wednesday, July 11th.

Now, I know some of you have this book, but I have something you may not be aware of: recently some video materials to go along with the Handbook have been released that take an in-depth look at some of the serious theology behind our church's doctrines. There are also some pretty strange/funny/odd "commercials" that try to "sell" us on some of the basic concepts of faith. So... even if you have a copy of the book, or have been in a brief overview class about the book, this session of COW will provide a fresh look at the material.

The class is intended, not just for long-time Lutherans, but also for those new to the faith or who have some basic questions about it. We will look at such topics as:

     ● How to tell the difference between the Law and the Gospel (a MAJOR
        Lutheran issue!!!)
     ● Five things you should know about the Lutheran Reformation
     ● The anatomy of a Baptism
     ● How to receive Communion
     ● The Three most rebellious things Jesus did
     ● How to read the Bible
     ● And, How to share your faith with Someone.

So, bring your Lutheran Handbook if you have one, and come prepared to go deep into the faith in a fun way. Let me know if you need one (they're $10 each). Everyone, whether you have a Handbook or not, will need a small Workbook for the class (they're $3 each).

Have a Blessed Summer!

Pastor Larry