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Trinity Lutheran Church of Hawthorne

Newsletter Articles From Our Pastors

Pastor Lawrence Becker

The "Season" Is Upon Us
(December 2004)

Living Between Reformation Day and All Saints Day

(November 2004)

Reformation Sunday - Why We Remember It
(October 2004)

Where "Here" Is... Some Reflections
(September 2004)

(August 2004)

Summer Rhythms
(July 2004)

Summer News
(June 2004)

Looking for Trouble
(May 2004)

And the Congregation said, "Christ Is Risen!
He Is Risen Indeed!"
(April 2004)

As Our Trinity Lenten Journey Continues...
(March 2004)

Lent, 2004
(February 2004)

Looking Back/Looking Ahead
(January 2004)

Making Way for Jesus
(December 2003)

Starting at the Cross, Touching the Heart
(November 2003)

This Is Going to Be a Busy Fall!!!
(October 2003)

Several People have asked...
(Yes, Pastor Becker is on another rant)
(September 2003)

The Rhubarb Was Everywhere!
(August 2003)

Gratitude, Thankfulness and Appreciation...
(July 2003)

Transition Time Again...
(June 2003)

The Easter SEASON: Celebrating the Risen Savior
(May 2003)

"Standing With Africa:  A Campaign of Hope"
(April 2003)

Growth is HARD!
A Lenten Meditation
(March 2003)

"Without sports, who would you follow?"
(February 2003)

"Hunkering Down" in 2003
(January 2003)

Absurd Advent-ures
(December 2002)

Stirring Up Controversy Yet Again:
Some Vexing Thoughts on the Homogenization 
of the Church. -
Or, When Bigger Might Not Be Better
(November 2002)

Why Should I Go To Church?
(October 2002)

(September 2002)

August Caller Article
(August 2002)

July at Trinity
(July 2002)

June Celebrations - ALL in One Day!!!
(June 2002)

Christ Is Risen!  He Is Risen Indeed!
(April 2002)

March Caller Article
(March 2002)

Purple Stones?
(February 2002)

Light Thoughts From a "Seasoned" Pastor
(January 2002)

What Does Christmas Mean for You Now?
(December 2001)

Apples, Apples, Apples
(November 2001)

"Reality TV - September 11, 2001"
(October 2001)

September Caller Article
(September 2001)

August Caller Article
(August 2001)

How Can We Make Sense of Tragedy?
(July 2001)

June Caller Article
(June 2001)

May Caller Article
(May 2001)

Things of Lent, and Lutheran Schools Week
(March 2001)

New Faces, New Directions, New Life
(February 2001)

It's Christmas Again!
(December 2000)

"Hints of Things to Come"
(November 2000)

What Is Trinity Lutheran's Legacy?
(October 2000)

"Now things get interesting..."
(September 2000)

Thanking God for You!
(July/August 2000)

Cruising Into Summer...
(June 2000)

Notes from Pastor Becker for May, 2000
(May 2000)

Easter Is Upon Us!
(April 2000)

Our Lenten Journey for 2000:  Prayers of the Passion
(March 2000)

"The Never-Ending Epiphany Season"
(February 2000)

Time's Up!
(January 2000)

High Expectations for Christmas
(December 1999)

Interesting Times Bring Interesting Possibilities
(November 1999)

Building a "Bridge" to Where?
Pastoral Musings on the Recent ELCA Churchwide Assembly Vote for Full Communion with the Episcopal Church
(October 1999)

How Can It Be September Already?
(September 1999)

"No Compromise" - Mexico Outreach '99
(August 1999)

1999 Synod Assembly Report, Or "What's a Conservative Pastor to Do?" Part 2
(July 1999)

1999 Synod Assembly Report, Or "What's a Conservative Pastor to Do?" Part 1
(June 1999)

A note from Pastor John about "families" in the month of May:
(May 1999)

New Life In Christ: Being People of Prayer
(April 1999)

Struggling on the Lenten Journey of Faith
(March 1999)

Lent: Preparing for the Big One!
(February 1999)

The dawn of a new millenium
(January 1999)

"I'm Not Making This Up! It Really Happened!"
(December 1998)

"Smart Living: Let the Word of Christ Dwell in You Richly!"
(November 1998)

A Reformation Sunday to Remember
(October 1998)

Fall is Falling!  Catch It!!!
(September 1998)

(August 1998)

Thank You for Your Support!
(July 1998)

Some Thoughts on the Synodical Convention
(June 1998)

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